Welcome to NMG.


Zhejiang NMG New Materials Co., Ltd.


Love Culture

NMG loves worker—“Caring”, ”Tolerance”, ”Open”, and “Justice” are the excellent reflection of the love of NMG.

Workers love positions, teams and NMG—Learning, Operate, Valued and Effectiveness are the core of worker’s love.

Welcome to NMG. Let’s become a family caring for each other. “Burning Passion, Innovation Growth”, Let’s keep fighting for the grand vision to be the most valued composites solutions provider!

Company Vision:To be the most valuable Composites Solution Provider

Company Value:



Respect customer, respect sta¬,respest society

Respect other people is a good virtue, to be respected is a kind of happiness.

Pursuing “Higher Performance delivered , harmonious progress”

based on respect.


Responsibility is the inner supporting force to persist in the end.

Undertake responsibility is basis of development.

Responsibility, is better than capability.


Integrity is our foundation to survive and develop.

Integrity is our truly "golden cards".


High efficiency is our duty to customers.

We continue to provide high quality and efficient service to customers.


Innovation is a source of energy enterprises retain forever.

Innovation is the key to develop and lead the future.

Concept innovation, technology innovation, management

innovation, product innovation and institutional innovation.


Operation Concept:High Performance Delivered, Harmonious Progress.

Development Concept:Low Cost Value innovation.

Executive Concept:Absolute Obedience,No Excuse,Keep Promise,Never Give Up

Marketing Concept:Total Customer Satisfaction.

Service Concept:Service Foremost,Expectation exceeded.

Quality Concept:Happiness from Products.

Growth Concept:You can never to be too careful 

Team Concept:Team is one person, we are one person

Person Choosing Concept:Moral-talent Components、Morality-oriented

Work Concept:Continuous give the best of yourself

Management Concept

Serve the Subordinate,Obey the Superior.

Management Principles

Continuing create valuable products and service, continuing perform human responsibility and security, continuing practice clean environment all protection and low carbon.