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Zhejiang NMG New Materials Co., Ltd.

Technology Innovation

Through the integration of the industry technological resources, NMG will establish  design companies and scientific&research institutions both in China and abroad for different industries and applications, and constantly improve the technology innovation to build an advanced and innovative technology platform with the support of the technological centers in Europe and China.

  In China, NMG has built many large provincial R&D institutions such as Zhejiang NMG R&D Institute of High Performance Composites Materials and NMG Provincial High-tech R&D Center of Fiber Composites Materials. With the advanced equipment such as microcomputer-controlled universal testing machines, they are provided with comprehensive R&D and inspection capability for technical fabrics, structural core materials, composite laminated woods and sandwich panels. NMG will co-found the R&D center with Wuhan University Of Technology to further promote the market development capability in thermoplastic and marine composites.

Internationally, NMG possesses the full inspection capability for chemical raw materials, polymer foams and sandwich composites. NMG will take a stake in  blade design companies, unite the design companies in the field of marine carbon fiber applications, and invest design companies in the field of sports carbon fiber applications, thus forming the strategic partnership and improving the technological R&D capacity in new products as a forerunner.