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Zhejiang lianyang party branch was established

2010-12-02 15:00:25 Zhejiang NMG New Materials Co., Ltd. Read

Zhejiang lianyang party branch was established

October 30th, Zhejiang Lianyang Party branch set up meeting was held as scheduled. The establishment of the party branch, marking Lianyang the guidance of the scientific concept of development, give full play to the beginning of the party members to take the lead of the vanguard and exemplary role. And to improve the efficiency of enterprises, in order to build the core values of "integrity, innovation, efficiency, respect, responsibility," to promote the development of enterprises.

Party branch set up meetings, company vice president, branch secretary Wang Xuexing: To reflect the value of the party branch, we must play the role of party members, so that other people realize that you are a party member, and truly reflects the value of a party member. Requiring every party members to fulfill their own responsibilities for the company's development efforts, only the development of the company, our branch will, party members will develop.

At the meeting, party members also collective learning "constitution" Master, published recommendations branch work. Finally, the party branch members posed for pictures.

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