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NMG-The First Tongxiang Enterprise

2015-03-11 16:00:44 Zhejiang NMG New Materials Co., Ltd. Read

Landed New Third Market

NMG Composites Co., Ltd.,the first Tongxiang enterprise, Landed in NEEQ(National Equities Exchange and Quotations)(New Third Market) on Mar. 6th 2015. The ticker symbol is 832047. It stands out as one of the notable land marks and also gives a honor as great as the owned “High-tech enterprises in Zhejiang Province” for NMG.
The production of NMG-reinforcing material, composite core material-are applied in wind energy, gym equipment, transportation, yacht and other areas. Being supported as the important new energy industry by the government, NMG will have a bright future. Under the clear target, Comprehensive plan, NMG will Optimize all the resources and strengthen the inner power. Through the High Performance Delivered, Harmonious Progress enterprise value, NMG will offer much higher quality service for the customers.
Joining New Third Market is a chance and also a challenge for NMG. With Burning Passion and Innovation Growth enterprise spirit, President Jack Chai leads a powerful team. Under this management, NMG is ahead on its way to be the composites solutions provider with the deep comprehension and effective execution. All NMG people are devoting to make the company delicate, divers, rational and practical.