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2013 18th China International Boat Equipment Exhibition Summary

2013-05-10 14:00:50 Zhejiang NMG New Materials Co., Ltd. Read


2013 China (Shanghai) International Boat Show held in April 2012 on the 14th November to April.

China (Shanghai) International Boat Show is the longest history in China, the largest yacht show. After 16 years of steady development, it is down-to-earth manner to promote the formation and development of China's yacht industry chain and pleasure craft brewing culture spread. Shanghai Boat Show has attracted industry at home and abroad and enthusiasts come together to provide a complete industrial chain show at the same time, to further explore the China National Offshore yacht cultural and yacht consumer purchasing power in the whole of Asia's leading position in the environment of global economic turmoil, China the development of yacht industry has made steady progress, deeply committed to the boat culture and water lifestyle more wide spread.

The exhibition around the yacht industry, there are several types of companies:

A boats and luxury yachts, power boats and yachts, luxury and ultra-luxury yachts, inflatable boats, inflatable boats, tour boat;

B terminals, leisure activities and services, real estate companies, terminal developers, port and dock equipment, terminal equipment, publishing companies, information and consultancy services company, industry standards bodies, boat design company;

C composite materials and equipment;

D power plant, propulsion systems, equipment, hardware, portable devices, communications and navigation equipment, engine / drive, life-saving appliances;

E water sports, canoeing and kayaking, diving, sailing, windsurfing, water-skiing equipment, diving gear, sailing and sailing driving courses, portable health sports equipment

F tourism, the Tourism Bureau, hotels and sightseeing spots, waterfront villa, leasing companies, fashion, luxury, interior decoration and furniture company