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2014-03-18 21:49:40 Zhejiang NMG New Materials Co., Ltd. Read

Composites industry event, JEC EUROPE 2014 was held in Paris, France on March 11-13, 2014 . NMG Composites Co., Ltd., set 15 m2 comfort stand, three people attended this event leaded by the president. After three days exhibition, deeply discussed with  many new and old customers and obtained good result.

This exhibition of JEC EUROPE 2014,there are more than 1400 exhibitors,the exhibition area is larger than previous.Many equipment、material suppliers attend this exhibition.As a overall supplier of composites material,NMG displayed the fiberglass reinforcements,high performance fabrics,vacuum infusion products as well as structure core material.Products quality was approved by the clients,signed a series of orders,established the good foundation for the market development.

In order to develop the North America market further,NMG China cooperated with BRAVOLAB America,established NMG America marketing  office,serve the composites market of America、Canada、Mexico and Central America area,provided the service of commercial and technology locally. After the closely cooperation by both parties,there must be a leap-forward growth on the sales of North America market in 2014.

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