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NMG’s 10th Anniversary Appreciation Dinner was held grandly

2016-09-01 18:00:49 Zhejiang NMG New Materials Co., Ltd. Read


On August 31st, 2016, NMG Composites Co.Ltd’s(NMG for short in the following text) 10th anniversary appreciation dinner was held successfully in Shanghai. Many corporate leaders, professors and representative guests were invited to this dinner party to celebrate NMG’s 10th anniversary and share this happy time together.


Elites, old and new friends filled the whole hall. Our chairman Mr. Cai, Cai Zhengjie delivered an ebullient speech to show his sincere welcome of their attendance. He also expressed his heartfelt thanks to customers, suppliers, service providers, shareholders and employees for their long-time support for NMG’s growth.

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Mr. Cai claims that standing on the new starting point, NMG aspires to be a globally localized composites solutions provider. On the basis of the current domestic and overseas layout, we will further improve the localized distribution of production and logistics in Europe, north America, south and eastern Asia and other places, devoting to provide better native customized service for clients in global main market. From the production structure, on the reinforced material product line, based on the glass fiber technology fabrics that will be further improved, NMG will strive to develop advanced composites material products like high performance fibers which mainly is carbon fibers by ways of expansion of inside and outside. On the structure core material product line, we will further increase overseas layout of material processing and integrate supply chain of top products, working hard to satisfy the vision of globally localized composites solutions provider.

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During the diner time, we also arrange the violin performance and songs to create the dinner atmosphere. All the guests in the dinner can appreciate NMG’s original dream by the wonderful song. They are touched by the rhythm of violin performance as well. Guests present are all enjoying that beautiful time during toasting.


The three rounds lucky drawings along with program performance are worth mentioning. The joyful atmosphere comes to climax when the revealing of the lucky persons of each prize, especially when chairman--Mr Cai reveal the winner of the special prize in a localized oral English.

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Since the foundation in 2006, NMG keeps to the core value of “respect, responsibility, honest, efficiency and innovation”. It has been for many years that we contact in heart and honest with most enterprises and work together to make contributions to the field of composites materials and a stronger and environmental world. Guests also indicate that 10-year is just a short time, and they hope NMG will become stronger and stronger, and will celebrate its 20th, 30th, and even 100th anniversary in the future.