Annual conference 2014

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Annual conference 2014

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January 16, my company held 2014 annual meeting of grand activities, Mr President Cai Zhengjie with company all staff are full of joy, to attend this annual meeting. Began, President of sympathy and thank all the staff years of hard work, of pride and achievement for the company said, hope that we keep the spirit of perseverance, continue to make a breakthrough in the future work, together create a better league!

This annual meeting, we according to job performance during the year, identify the advanced team and advanced individual. Our company financial center under the guidance of director of Wang Xuexing won the award of advanced team, each team has set an example for the company, infected every team in the future more efforts to achieve value. Our company Wang Xiaoli, Cai Jianming, Chen Xiaojie won the title of "advanced individual". For award winning employees to deliver their acceptance speech, the head of the company staff and team trophies, awards and bonuses, and took a group photo. They are good "the star of the league."

Annual dinner, the top best wishes to all employees . Dinner lottery to link, also a nice gift for each winning staff. Dinner still have all sorts of small game activity. Dinner finally led at the top "true hero", all staff of resonance chorus, 2014 annual meeting at the end of the magnificent song, hope league more beautiful tomorrow! Wish every hard-working employees live more happy!