NMG Dezhou held housewarming party on 28th March

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NMG Dezhou held housewarming party on 28th March

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NMG Dezhou held housewarming party on 28th March in Dezhou liuhu hotel.The new office building ,spacious and clean workshop of NMG Dezhou,provide us a better guarantee for our sustainable development.

NMG Dezhou Composites CO.,LD was founded in June 2009,it is subsidiary company of NMG Composite CO.,LTD. It is one of our production and freight bases,has played an very important role in the process of the company’s development. At present,NMG formally listed in the new three board, stock code 832047.We has built the production and freight bases of composite material fabrics,structure core materials in Jiaxing Zhejiang,Dezhou,Shandong,and Zhuzhou Hunan.Expect that we set up NMG USA and NMG EUROPA in LosAngeles and Denmark cooperating with American and European partner in charge of marketing and logistics service in June,2015.

We insist to be the manufacturing service supplier. While strengthen the manufacturing ability, we will pay more attention to the service ability. We’ll provide high quality and local marketing, logistic and processing service for customers in North China, South China, North America and Europe. Speeding up the global marketing expanding development, insisting NMG selfowned

brand, we’ll promote NMG globally by internet marketing network.Though this,we have the foundation  to be the most valuable composite material supplier.