The Third Session of NMG Ball Games Held Successfully in May

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The Third Session of NMG Ball Games Held Successfully in May

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In order to enrich the spare time of staff and inspire them,present the corporate spirit of “burning passion, innovative growth”, the Third Session of NMG Ball Games, which included badminton, table tennis and billiards and organized by culture and management team, was held from May 16 to 28. 

Through knockout match and round-robin which lasted for two week, the final result was revealed: 

The first, second and third prizes of badminton competition for man were respectively awarded to Jeremy Jin, Jonh Li and Rick Zhong;

The first, second and third prizes of badminton competition for woman were respectively awarded to Helen Yin, Monica Ping and Maggie Xie;

The first, second and third prizes of table tennis competition for man were respectively awarded to Aden Tang, Sky Lei and Chad Wang;

The first, second and third prizes of table tennis competition for woman were respectively awarded to Monica Ping, Helen Yin and Lucy Wang;

The first, second and third prizes of billiards competition were respectively awarded to  Monica Ping, Henry Cai and Elivn Fei.