Zhejiang Lianyang Composites Co., Ltd. held the inaugural meeting of trade unions

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Zhejiang Lianyang Composites Co., Ltd. held the inaugural meeting of trade unions

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Zhejiang Lianyang Composites Co., Ltd. held the inaugural meeting of trade unions

Composites Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Lianyang unions Assembly was successfully held in the afternoon of November 23. Dai Guohua, chairman of the labor union, the company vice president, presided over the conference. The company president SHANGHAI PHYSICAL, Chongfu Town, Tongxiang, trade union chairman Kim Jianxin, unions female executive committee Goal of union audited Commission Tuxin Long on the rostrum.

The General Assembly began the solemn national anthem. At the meeting, the chairman of the labor union, vice president INTERVENTIONAL for a report on the work of trade unions, and the unions asked the following three requirements: First, adhere to the people-oriented, to improve staff quality, and further promote the construction of a harmonious enterprise culture; workers are most concerned about the most direct and most practical interests to start, and the effective implementation of the service functions of trade unions; strengthen trade unions, and to improve the quality and level of work of trade union cadres.

At the meeting, the president SHANGHAI PHYSICAL also made an important speech, he stressed: trade unions set up the General Assembly, is not only a major event in the course of development of our Lianyang our employees gratifying big. The establishment of trade unions, will better play the role of bridge and link, would like to think all staff employees' interests first, sincerely do practical work for all employees. Trade unions continue to be perfect, to conform to the new requirements of the development of the company, an important symbol of our company continue to standardize management, improve the mechanism, the comprehensive strength improve. Finally, Chuah also pointed out: the trade union was established for the development of our company to bring new vigor and vitality. Hope that the chairman of the labor union, and that union members to exercise their rights and duties with good services for employees, so that employees have more full of enthusiasm and strength.

Chongfu town unions gold to build a new President was invited to participate in the General Assembly, and made a statement on behalf of the unions in Chongfu Town.
The conference was a complete success.

Attend and photo. From left: the union audited Committee Tuxin Long, chairman of the labor union MODERNIZATION Chongfu town union President Kim Jianxin, president of the company SHANGHAI PHYSICAL, trade unions female executive committee The Goal.