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Provincial assessments of new products held successfully in NMG Composites Co., Ltd in 2014

2014-10-18 15:00:42 Zhejiang NMG New Materials Co., Ltd. Read

n October 28, NMG Composites Co., LTD. held the 2014 provincial assessments of new products in the company in the meeting room 1. This meeting is mainly for our company,

which started in 2013 by the science and technology department of Zhejiangprovince

provincial new product trial production plan "Woven Combination Fabrics" and

"Needle Combination Mat" for identification.

During the meeting, our manager of technology center, Mr. Neil mainly introduced the

work summary, the test report, the comments of these two new products. By Zhejiang

Sci-Tech University professor Mao-song Li gave priority to the expert appraisal committee

 of five people, detailed about the new product research and development, production and

use in the process of the related technical indicators, had carried on the review questions carefully, and saw the sample, finally discussed the appraisal conclusion opinion: aboved two new products conform to the requirements of the state and enterprise product standards,

technical level had reached the domestic leading, market prospect is good, agreed to by identification.

The group leader of technological innovation management team of NMG Composites Co.,

Ltd, Mr. Dai thanks for al the expert's work, said it would continue to strengthen new product development and achievements transformation, improve the level of technology, adhering

to the leading strategy of science and technology, adhere to technological innovation technological innovation